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Hotel "Dilshoda" (or "Dilshoda Classic") by "Oksaroy" Private Company was opened in 2002 with 4 rooms as a guest house by regular Uzbek family. In 2006 it already contained 12 rooms. The yard is decorated in traditional Uzbek style with pavilion ("aivan") to protect from the scorching hot rays of the summer sun, with traditional arbor ("tapchan") where guests can have a rest on the soft covers and cushions, drinking aromatic green tea. Balcony balustrade is decorated with wood-carving, the walls are covered with suzani (embroidered cloth). In the yard there is a fireplace with cauldron for cooking Uzbek national dish - plov (masterclass is available on your request).

In 2012 was opened hotel's second building - "Dilshoda Prime". This building is decorated with gypsum carving, oriental ornaments, massive dome with painted with eight main monuments of Samarkand from inside. The new building is located on the same street as old one.

All rooms have comfortable beds with orthopedic mattresses, suzane and carpets, showers and bathrooms, A/C, refrigerators, satellite TV.

Dilshoda Classic:

Opened in 2002.
Number of rooms: 12
Including: 10 double/twin, 2 tripple

Dilshoda Prime:

Opened in 2012.
Number of rooms: 10
Including: 8 double/twin, 2 tripple
The services we are
happy to offer you:
Wi-Fi at lobby
We work 24 hours a day
Hot drinks
Lunches, dinners by request
Delicate breakfasts
A/C in all rooms
Fax, printer, telephone
Satellite TV
Taxi along the city
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150, Ok-Saroy str.,
Samarkand, Uzbekistan
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